MainWith age came wisdom and somewhere between Marriage and Divorced, Robert Field had two children and lost his filter.

Today, as a 40-something Single Dad, he speaks about how he deals with rebuilding his life.

  • Dealing with the kids
  • Dealing with the ex-wife
  • Dealing with dating
  • Dealing with life

He keeps things simple by leading an unfiltered life and remember a few credos. Too many more would be difficult to remember.

  • Life only sucks when you forget to smile your way through it.
  • The truth will set you free. You may be divorced and friendless, but you will be free
  • If someone tells you it is my way or the highway. Tell them to @$%# off and take the highway.
  • Once you recognize that you are 100% delusional, you have finally accepted reality

A few testimonials:

“Fresh…very fresh”
     ~ Robert’s mother

“Cute, not sexy”

“Funny…not much more I can say about him”